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Top 5 Signs You Need Professional Lawn Care Services

Top 5 Signs You Need Professional Lawn Care Services

A well-maintained landscape makes your property look and feel welcoming. But a beautiful yard doesn’t come easily, and it can be time-consuming and difficult to solve yard problems on your own.

If you experience any of the following issues with your lawn, trees, or shrubs, hire us to rejuvenate your outdoor space. Learn the top five signs you need professional lawn care services.

1. Brown Grass

One of the distinctive features of a beautiful lawn is thick, green grass. A lack of nutrients or water can cause patches or large swathes of brown grass and ruin your yard. If you have brown grass, let Agnello Landscaping identify the cause and bring back your lawn’s vibrancy.

2. Overgrown Weeds

One of the top signs your yard needs professional lawn care services is the presence of overgrown weeds. When weeds overtake your yard, it can be hard for you to eliminate them safely and effectively. Agnello can remove weeds, and our weekly lawn care service can keep your lawn looking fresh.

3. Unruly Shrubs or Trees

Unruly shrubs and trees look overgrown and make your property look unkempt. Maintaining shrubs and trees is necessary for their health and for the safety of surrounding structures. We can prune, trim, and maintain your shrubs and trees to ensure they look their best.

4. Debris

Landscape debris such as fallen leaves, grass clippings, and wood waste can litter your yard and spoil its appearance. Still, clearing landscape debris from your property can be a tedious process. If you want a defined, clean look, rely on Agnello’s leaf blowing, spring cleanup, and fall cleanup services.

5. No Time for Maintenance

Finally, no matter the size of your yard, properly maintaining your lawn and landscape features might take more time than you can devote. If you don’t have plant and lawn care expertise, a trial-and-error process can leave your yard suffering. If you’re overwhelmed by the frequency or intensity of your lawn care needs, hire a professional to take the stress out of having a beautiful yard.

Agnello Landscaping offers exceptional lawn care in Bridgewater. Whether you want a new landscape design or weekly maintenance, we can rejuvenate your yard. Contact us today to find the right service for your property.

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