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Outdoor Home Maintenance

Martinsville Lawn Care Services

Agnello Landscaping provides outdoor home maintenance and lawn care to our valued customers in Martinsville, NJ and other surrounding towns. Many neighbors in Martinsville already count on Agnello Landscaping for all of their various lawn care needs.

We offer our customers an unrivaled commitment to professionalism, honesty and quality workmanship. We have a proven track record of success in creating outstanding landscape environments from the ground up. We stand behind all of our work, from lawns and soil to shrubs and trees, with a firm assurance.

Take a look at the services we provide in Martinsville:

Weekly Lawn Care Service

Lawn Care by Agnello Landscaping will give you peace of mind so you can spend less time maintaining your yard, and more time enjoying it. You will receive complete, weekly, lawn care in the following ways described:

Lawn Cutting

All grass on the property will be given a precision cut and maintained at a proper height throughout the season for a lush, green lawn. Grass around mulch beds and walkways will also be kept neatly trimmed with a fresh cut.

Weed Whacking

We perform weekly weed whacking alongside our lawn cutting service. Weed whacking is essential to cleaning tricky contours, mulch bed edges, and curb lines. This will result in defined look and an accented curb appeal.

Leaf Blowing

All walkways, driveways, and other hardscape areas will be blown free of debris from mowing.

Spring Cleanup

Performed in early Spring when your lawn begins to grow. Fallen leaves and other landscape debris will be removed from walkways and undesired areas. Lawn, landscape beds and desired areas will be blown clean to prep for the first cut.

Fall Cleanup

Will be performed multiple times on the property during the Fall season depending on the property size, mature tree coverage, and variety of trees. Leaves will be taken away if they cannot be disposed on the property. We will let you know how you will be charged if necessary. 

Landscape Design

Projects small and large, you can count on Agnello Landscaping to create an outstanding landscape environment for your property. 

Tree & Shrub Installation

If you need trees or shrubs planted to enhance your outdoor landscape and increase your curb appeal, Agnello Landscaping is the perfect solution. We use the latest installation techniques to make sure all of your trees & shrubs are handled safely and efficiently.

Tree & Shrub Trimming

Let Agnello Landscaping prune, trim, and maintain your shrubs, bushes, or other low-lying landscape areas. It is important for these landscape elements to be groomed regularly. If maintenance is overlooked, plants can become visually unattractive or even damaged. All shrubs and trees are different and require special care, but that is what we specialize in.

Mulch Installation

All desired mulch areas will receive a preliminary weeding treatment and bed edging, to emphasize the contrast from other parts of the lawn or landscape.Mulch will be applied and spread to the proper thickness. Choose the dye color for your mulch that will best match your property: Black, Brown, or Root.

Sod & Top Soil Installation

Installation of grass, sod, or top soil can be a difficult task, let Agnello Landscaping take care of it for you. We will deliver a final product that fully blends so that nothing looks out of place. We use overseeding and spot seeding techniques, along with the most up to date cultivars to give you the best result. Your lawn will look fantastic in no time at all, and no one would be able to tell the difference!

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