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5 Easy Ways To Improve and Keep Your Lawn Healthy

5 Easy Ways To Improve and Keep Your Lawn Healthy

A lush, green lawn makes your home beautiful and inviting. But grass requires routine care to look its best.

Don’t give up on having the yard you want. Check out these five easy ways to improve and keep your lawn healthy.

1. Aerate Compacted Soil

When soil gets tightly pressed together, plant roots can’t grow properly. Without healthy roots, grass can’t take in the right amount of water and nutrients. Soil compaction has other negative effects, too, like creating an inhospitable environment for earthworms.

Aerating the lawn fixes compaction. Aeration is the process of putting small holes in the soil to loosen it. This improves air circulation and promotes the health of your grass.

2. Cut Grass at the Right Height

Many homeowners who want a neat lawn make the mistake of cutting their grass too short. But cutting your grass too short weakens it, overexposes the grass to the sun, and leaves your lawn vulnerable to weeds.

On the other hand, cutting your grass too high can make your lawn look more chaotic, and once you do cut your grass, the lawnmower will have to work harder. Cut your grass at the recommended height for your grass type, typically between two and three inches tall, for the best outcome.

3. Water Deeply and Less Often

The next easy way to improve your lawn and keep it healthy is to water deeply and not too often. You want the grass roots to move deep into the soil to protect against drought conditions. How frequently you should water depends on how established the grass root system is.

In general, you should water your lawn once a week with one to one and a half inches of water. Early morning is the best time to water your lawn because the water can soak into the soil rather than evaporate.

4. Lay Fresh Sod

Do you have patches of dead grass? A quick way to repair your lawn is to lay fresh sod, also known as turf. Sod is comprised of rolled-up grass, its roots, and a thin layer of soil.

You should place sod on bare land with no plant growth. Properly preparing the soil is key for a successful installation. And with proper maintenance, your sod will thrive and you’ll have a healthy lawn.

5. Weed Whack

A weed whacker, also called a weed eater or string trimmer, trims overgrown grass and removes weeds in small areas. It’s perfect for creating neat lines and taking care of difficult-to-reach spaces. Trim the grass growing by your flowerbeds, walkways, and fencing to give your landscape the finishing touch.

For excellent landscaping in Bridgewater, NJ, hire Agnello Landscaping. Our team of experts provides lawn care services for commercial and residential properties. Your yard doesn’t have to be a chore. Contact us to transform your lawn into a spectacular space.

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