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Should You Cut Your Grass Low or High in the Summer?

Updated: Jul 22, 2022

Should You Cut Your Grass Low or High in the Summer?

Cutting your grass at the appropriate height can encourage dense, even, and lush growth. But incorrect mowing can lead to grass stress or an unruly lawn.

For a lawn that looks great even during scorching hot summers, you must cut your grass at the right height. Find out if you should cut your grass low or high in the summer.

Cut Higher in the Summer

Since environmental conditions change between seasons, your grass’s ideal height changes, too. In the summertime, it’s important to cut grass higher than in colder seasons. Depending on your grass species, it’s a good idea to mow your lawn at a height of around four inches in the summertime.

This tall grass will help keep the soil shaded so that it can retain moisture under the sun’s rays. Soil with a healthy moisture level will promote good root growth, too. A strong root system will give you healthy grass and thick coverage. And thriving grass will photosynthesize better, converting the sunlight to usable energy and continuing to feed the grass’s healthy growth, forming a perfect cycle of life.

The Problems of Cutting Too Low

While a high mow gives you a healthy lawn, another reason you should cut your grass high rather than low in the summer is to prevent issues. When you cut the lawn too short or even scalp it, which is when you cut your grass so low that the stems show, you over-expose it to the sun.

Repeated, low cuts can stress the grass because it won’t be able to cool down or shade its roots. And with the soil exposed to more sunlight, you may unintentionally invite weeds such as crabgrass to grow. Drought-tolerant and sun-loving weeds can take over a lawn that’s weakened from short mows.

Personalize Your Lawn Care

While you need to keep your grass blades longer in the summertime, several factors affect the best specific practices for your landscape. One factor is different grass species have different care preferences, which affect things like the ideal blade length range.

Some homeowners get concerned that longer summertime grass might look untidy. But details such as trimming grass around sidewalks and mulched beds will give your lawn a neat and cared-for appearance.

If you want a healthy, beautiful lawn, hire Agnello Landscaping for weekly lawn care services in Bridgewater, New Jersey. Our landscaping specialists understand your grass’s needs no matter the season. With our expertise and care, you’ll always have a lush, healthy lawn. Contact us today!

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